February 26, 2017

My Tribe and Starting Over

I hear the word “tribe” a lot lately.  It is a buzz word of sorts.  Just as “team” is to the professional life, “tribe” is to the personal life.  I […]
February 16, 2017

How Cold Weather Can Affect Your Health After 60

BY SARAH BREWER  •  21 HOURS AGO  •  HEALTH AND FITNESS Repost from  http://sixtyandme.com/how-cold-weather-can-affect-your-health-after-60/ Cold weather can have many adverse effects on health. For example, your metabolism has to work harder […]
February 14, 2017

Starting Your Life Over at Age 60

by Maura Banar Physical activity provides improved mood and health benefits after age 60. Repost http://oureverydaylife.com/starting-life-over-age-60-17330.html Life can begin, and can change significantly at any age, because of loss of a […]
February 12, 2017

Add New Focus to Your Life

I am a person who wants to do everything, and I am easily swayed and I lose focus often.   I am all over the map.  Remember when I wrote […]