mother and daughter laughingAfter 30+ years of marriage, I found myself single, living in a one-room loft apartment in an urban area with my dog.  It was, and is, just Red and I sitting on the sofa looking at each other.  I was lost, and while I had lots of friends who kept me above water emotionally, I was lonely.  Lonely for the life I had pictured for myself and my adult children.  So, I started writing for myself.  Then I showed it to a couple of friends who gave me lots of encouragement.

And, here I am, not just surviving but thriving, as the saying goes.  If you go to the earliest of my posted content you will read about a woman who is extremely lonely, missing the life she had expected to lead.  I wanted it back, even though I didn’t want him back.  I hated sharing my adult children for holidays and they hated it even more.  Slowly though, we were able to plow through the sadness and I am happier now than I have ever been. And my children see a woman who is taking a bad situation and turning it into her best life.

If you care to read the posts on Starting Over at Sixty from the beginning to the present, I hope you will find a woman who slowly came up through the muck of divorce to a new and happy life.  For the rest of my life, I will be sad that I did not get it right in the marriage department.  I was determined to make it work and wanted my children to have a set of parents who went the distance.  It was not to be, and I could not have felt like more of a failure.  But, I will just have to put that failure into my giant life-baggage and move forward.

What I have found is that once I started living my life the way I should have been all along, the world opened up to me.  I wish I had more time to live it, but I am cramming in everything I can as fast as I can to make up for lost time.  And, I am loving it.

If you take anything away from Starting Over at Sixty, it is that there is hope.  I am no Pollyanna: I know it isn’t easy.  I also know that there are challenges that can’t be overcome.  But please, please, please continue to have hope.  Hope and a plan=a happy future.