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img_0076My Favorite Lip Pencil of All Time

I know I know…old ladies often wear the same makeup styles and colors for their whole lives.  Well, not this old lady!  I do have my favorite makeup products, but I try new makeup and new makeup trends all the time.  Some work and some don’t. When I am trying something new, I look in the mirror before I go out the door I say to myself, “WWKS,” which is, “What would Kevyn say.” Kevyn is my daughter, and believe me when I tell you, she cuts me no slack: all she has to do is give me the stink eye and it is back to the drawing board.

And, while I love trying new trends, there are some must haves that I swear by.  This one is probably my longest running go-to makeup product:  Wet-n-Wild Lip Pencil #666.

I found it years ago when I read in a magazine that some Super Model used it all the time, and I was sure that if I used it, I would become a Super Model, too.  I went to Walgreen’s and bought it for $.99.  Since that time I have used lots of other lip pencils, but always go back to 666 (pretend it’s 999 if that number makes you nervous).

It is a wine color with a little bit of brown mixed in.  I am wearing it in my head shot on the cover page of the website.  It works for everyone.  I recently heard a makeup artist refer to it again, and that is probably 20 years later!

I use it on my whole lip, then use a lip balm or Chapstick over it.  And, now I mostly use it by itself as a matte lipstick.  How trendy am I?

The crazy old lady in me comes out whenever I am in the  CVS or Walgreen’s, and I buy all of them in stock, because I am afraid they will discontinue the color and then what would I do!  I probably have dozens tucked away in my bathroom.

Sadly, that lip pencil did not make me a Super Model…good thing they are so affordable for us mere mortals.