Be Ready to Help During These Winter Months

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Be Ready to Help During These Winter Months

be ready to help

Want to be ready to help someone in need this winter?  I was talking with my good friend Bart about the cold weather and the homeless people in our neighborhood.  We both live in the downtown area and we come across people every day who ask for money.  It is painful to witness and also hard to know what to do.  And, as I walk past, I feel bad about myself when I don’t hand out money, and bad about myself when I do and I feel like I have been scammed.  I’m just being honest.   So, Bart told me about being at a party where the hostess had put together bags to keep in the car to hand out to anyone who was holding a sign at the highway exit or looked like they were cold or just needed help.  I loved that idea!  So, when I was at the hardware store this morning I picked up these hand warmers.  I plan to grab everything else this week and get my bags together.  Now, I know that someone might throw it back at me but I’m tough, I can handle that.  It will still feel better than just driving by.  You can do it, too.  Here’s what goes into the Bart Bag (not the Barf Bag):

One Gallon Ziploc Bag

Fill each bag with one of the following:


Granola Bar

Bottled Water



Just have one or two handy in your car.  We all know that we can find gloves and hats pretty inexpensively at this time of year, or you can wait until they go on sale after the holidays.  And, while I was at the hardware store today I was able to pick up some hand warmers, so they are easy to find.  I am thinking of socks, too.  Please let me know if you join us in handing out bags, what changes to the contents, if any, you made and, most importantly, how the gesture was received and how it made you feel.

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