Healthy Living

Starting over and weight loss after sixty is rough.  But, one of my sons is getting married in a few months, so it’s time for me to crush this weight thing for good.  I know weight loss after sixty is rough, but I have been eating my feelings, and the feelings of anyone else in one mile radius, for years.  And, since I just lost about 175 lbs. (in the form of a spouse), it’s time to get rid of the rest of the dead weight in my life.

If I am honest with myself, I haven’t been myself for many years.  I don’t look like myself.  I want to be the best I can be and this is not it.  I was unhappy for so many years, now I am not.  It’s time to look like, on the outside, how I feel on the inside.  And I plan to be around for a long time and that will not happen if I continue to carry this much weight.  I want my ids to be proud of me and I want to be proud of myself.  It’s that simple.

Those Dreaded Carbs

Here’s the problem: I have never met a carb I didn’t like.  Really!  And it’s all about the sugar…don’t even get me started.  Sugar is the kiss of death for me.  For my last meal on earth I want a warm pie sitting in front of me with a giant scoop of Graeter’s ice cream on top.  So here’s how I am going to make myself stick with it…Photos.

I asked my trainer to take a photo of me this morning and I am going to post it every week for a while.  Take a look.  The fact that my swingy top isn’t swinging at all…it is resting on my middle, let’s me know it is time for a big change.  So here goes.  Feel free to watch my progress.